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Scientific classification

Kingdom               Animalia
Phylum                 Chordata
Class                    Aves
Order                   Passeriformes
Suborder              Passeri
Family                  Laniidae, Genera lanius, Eurochephalus Corvinella


Cendet Bird / Bird Pentet is one of the predatory bird that has a variety of sound field very well. Kicaumania many who consider this type of bird care difficult. Actually, as written in SmartMasterin.Com Sahadev Om Irvan, take care of this bird is as easy as treating other types of birds singing. Cendet intelligent bird is a bird of the family Turdidae.

Cendet including favorite birds for the hobbyist who likes the variety of birds that can imitate sounds of other birds. Once around the early 1990s, as written Anang Dewanto and Maloedyyn Sitanggang at Caring & Training Birds chirp, cendet a bird that has not been much in demand. Even the price is not more than the price of birds finches. However, in its development, people know that besides having a beautiful physical form, it turns out this bird has a voice that sounds interesting and can memaster other birds. Therefore, the flock of birds bondonglah people trying to get this and find the best quality.

Sound type Cendet the ngerol, tend to dominate other birds babble noise if we bushels in the house together. Compared to other birds, Cendet which could have varied songs (depending on the pattern pemasterannya), has a melodious voice color. Although it can be very hard, but not deafening. Differences with the color of the sound of birds chirping other.

Habitat Cendet

Cendet also has another name, such as bentet, pentet, and toet (West Java), and this bird is a bird of prey petengger and aggressive from the Family Laniidae. Laniidae family includes 74 species divided into 4 subfamily. Cendet commonly included in the subfamily and genus Lanius Laniinae.
Type your own cendet various scattered in several areas of the world. One of them, is a large gray cendet (L excubitor). This species has the largest body size with a length up to 25 cm. This Cendet breed in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Together with cendet black and white (L ludovicianus), bird - bird is a species that usually live in the new world (America). The other type, a small gray cendet (L.minor) which have habitat in Southern Europe, Central Asia, and eastern Africa. in addition,

Cendet red head (L senators) who lives in southern England, Europe, Asia, and Africa. There is also a type of bird that has a shape similar bentet located in India and Southeast Asia, namely cendet brown (/ .. christatus) is much contested in Indonesia and a black neck cendet (L colarris).

This bird has a natural habitat in the forest, especially in high trees. His favorite food is seeds, insects, and fruit. These nests are usually made of twigs, grass, moss, flowers, wool, and feathers are tied with cobwebs and linked to the trees or bushes at an altitude of 4-6 meters from the ground. These birds are able to produce eggs as many as 3-6 eggs per egg-laying period. These eggs will hatch after incubation for two weeks.

At the time of incubation, most of the time the parent spent incubating eggs females. To get the food, the male will feed her. At the age of 2-3 weeks after hatching, chicks usually cendet has started learning to fly and leave the nest.

Basic character of the bird Cendet :
  • Vicious when hungry. These birds will apply aggressive when hungry.
  • Fighter who has territorial. When other birds hear or see birds similar, then the spirit of direct combat raged.
  • Most prone to lust. This bird is very easy to ride lust, many causes that can create increased desire on the birds of this species. Stelan EF (Extra fooding) is over, excessive drying or see other Cendet birds, can quickly raise the level of lust.
  • Easy to tame. Because of the high beradaptasinya ability, then it is easy to tame birds to humans.

Characteristics based on region of origin Cendet

Physical characteristics

Body length 20-25 cm. Beak form a hook at the tip, similar to birds falkon, a kind of hawk. Cendet also have strong legs and sharp claws used for grasping prey in the air. The wings are short and round rod bearing 10 outer primary wing feathers and tail feathers round has 12 functioning as a rudder when cendet in flight. Cendet also have stiff hairs that grow around the muzzle.

Characteristic birds cendet is a long tail and will weave if it is being read. Cendet singing cover tunes in harmony. In stark contrast to pekikannya noisy and loud screeching sound. True nature of birds cendet is fierce. If a peck, usually all at once biting with a sharp beak. If menggigittangan or other body part, usually will leave bite marks on the body.

However, if we maintain this cendet birds since piyikan, galaknya properties will be slightly lost. Even this bird will close if you see our hands. Cendet going straight down as if we're going to feed him.

Pictures Cendet :


Characteristics of male and female Cendet

To distinguish the sex of birds cendet can be done by observing the left and right side of the bird. If on the cheek there was a striking black color, indicating that the androgynous male cendet. For females, the black color looks artificial. Judging from the shape of his head, cendet female usually has a somewhat bloated head. Meanwhile, the males have the head shape is rather flat landscape. To be more definite can be seen in the bird chopsticks. Cendet male birds have small chopsticks long fur is marked with a pattern of irregular lines on the supitnya. In females, a large supitnya with feather motif orderly line like a flower.

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How to choose going Cendet

Care as good as anything, will not bring maximum results if it does not have cendet purebred or a solid combat characters. Cendet quality is determined by genetic factors so.

For bird lovers, cendet is a very nice bird. Variations in the sound, volume, and the beauty of its appearance is the reason for the audience to choose cendet as klangenannya chirp. However, if the sound quality being targeted, gender is crucial in maintaining this bird pleasure. Cendet that androgynous males would have more striking colors, the variations are more diverse voices, and loud volume.

Potential rambling nonstop can also be seen from stature. Good going to be well-built. Wings seem sturdy, neat, symmetrical, and not disabled. Choose a large-headed bird, rounded, and the top flat. Large-headed bird believed to be a smart bird. Note also the shape and size of the beak.

Prioritizing cendet with a half thick and long, but it seems proportionate to the size of the head and body. Beak thick and seems sturdy signify birds can carry a tune with gunfire and loud volume. Conversely, if the part looks flat, inclined ngerol. If ngerol, the volume will be smaller because it takes my breath much longer.

In the meantime, if viewed from the appearance, an avid Twitter cendet have the following characteristics :

- Sharp-eyed and hairy flat and somewhat shiny.

- Movement is nimble, anus clean of dirt, as well as right and left balance organs

- Volume of loud noise.

- Having a natural talent (mental) is good. No fear when he met with a kind of bird, both when training and contests.

In addition to the reference of the book Caring & Training Birds chirp which I quoted above, there are also other tips cendet elections Om version Irvan, as follows:
  • Androgynous males, the characteristics of male birds can be seen Cendet firm shiny coat color and contrast.
  • Beak shape, you should select half of the stems form a wide, thick, big and long. Half of the bottom of the inclined straight. Do not choose material that has a crooked beak. Select the position of the nostrils close as possible to the position of the eye.
  • Big head, big round eyes and glared. This indicates these birds have a good mental combat.
  • Body posture, choose materials that berpostur being with long neck, body and tail and legs to match. Do not choose material necked and short height.
  • Wings and legs tucked tightly gripping strong, this indicates the healthy ingredients. Choose a large legs and looks dry. Color does not affect mental feet of birds.
  • Agile and big appetite. These are the traits of good material that mentality.
  • Long neck contains dense. Indicates this bird will issue a maximum sound power.

How to care Cendet 

A. Equipment Cage

1. Cage

In accordance with his size, cage cendet usually smaller than the cage magpie cage anise or red. Commonly used size is 40 x 45 x 70 cm.

2. Perch

Put the two perch in the cage. The best perch is made from wood acid rather rough wooden structure despite being peeled. Place 2 pieces of perch is a parallel top and bottom. 1.5 to 2 cm diameter perch.

3. Kerodong

In the treatment cendet, kerodong useful to make cendet break. Use of kerodong also beneficial for mental development. For young cendet, use kerodong with soft colors or white. Psychologically, young birds are still afraid to face the drastic environmental changes. Kerodong white color also serves to control the cleanliness of the cage and bird. If you feel the bird has been able to adapt, new kerodongnya may replace with a darker color.

But I suggest, if necessary kerodong birds because birds are just too many kerodong, less widely practiced singing. Another example of birds to be prepared for the race, then kerodong for 3-4 days before the race is a good step. The goal, so the bird store power or stamina.

B. Feed

There are several versions of how to bird feeding cendet. There are menyebutkna, feed given after the bird bath. In the morning, give cricket 10 head and Kroto 1 tablespoon, and in the afternoon to give crickets 5 tail and Kroto 1 tablespoon. Especially for every Friday and Saturday, plus the food menu. In the morning, give 15 tail crickets and caterpillars hongkong 3 tails. In the afternoon, 7 animals were given crickets and caterpillars hongkong 3 tails.

Meanwhile, at the time the bird will be contested (usually Sundays), the number of crickets and caterpillars plus Kroto fixed but hongkong 5 tail. After the race, cendet again given 5 crickets and caterpillars hongkong tail 3 tail and legs of water sprayed.

Cendet birds should not be contested more than twice in one month. It is intended that the bird cendet stamina to remain stable. If the bird is less good stamina, will affect the mental from cendet bird itself. For the sake of competition and improve the performance of birds chirping, or extra supplementary feeding necessary fooding. Extra fooding can be given is crickets, Kroto, and caterpillars hongkong.

There are also other tips, as follows :

  • Voer (you should select a protein yield was as follows: 12% -18%, not necessarily high-priced Voer will fit every bird Cendet metabolic system. Voer should always be available within cepuknya. Voer Always replace with a new one every two days.
  • EF (Extra fooding), additional food is very good for birds Cendet are: Crickets, Orong-Orong, Kroto, Worms, Caterpillars Hong Kong, Bamboo Worms, centipedes, grasshoppers and others. EF giving should always be adapted to the character of each bird, and also need to know with certainty the impact of the gift clause of the EF.
Should be cautious in granting extra fooding as it can be a frequent cause cendet somersault. This can reduce the sonority of his voice. However, in birds cendet salto can actually be overcome by the following ways.
  • Ensure the adequacy of multivitamin and mineral birds that maintain stamina and metabolism of birds are always in excellent condition.
  • Bathe the bird should be two times every day, morning and afternoon, when the sun is still there.
  • In the meantime, an experienced bird moult, only given voer.
  • Understand the character of the bird by changing the position or the number of perch. For example, two perch is placed over the bottom of a parallel or a modified position reduced the number of perch.
  • Alternatively, change the type or size of the cage.

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